Why is Lattelecom rebranding?

Answers to the most important questions about the rebranding of Lattelecom and what’s next.

The growth of Lattelecom in recent years has been rapid and business lines have expanded beyond the telecommunication sector. The next step in the company's development has come. The former name no longer covers everything we are actually doing. That's why everything you knew as Lattelecom will become Tet from April 1.

Our main goal is to take over the best from Lattelecom and become even more engaging and simpler.
Already in the coming months, you will be able to try out the new Tet website, which is being developed in close collaboration with our customers and internet users who are not yet our customers. There will be a number of other news coming soon, such as more convenient registration and installation of services, more enjoyable shopping experience in our stores, splendid new content on our TVs, etc.

Essential information for customers

What remains unchanged?

Existing customer contracts do not need to be renewed, customer number and service conditions remain unchanged.

Company registration number, billing account numbers, usual dates when you receive invoices and automatic payments do not change.

What will change?

In the future letters, e-mails, sms messages and calls customers will receive from Tet.

When making payments, we ask customers to indicate SIA Tet as a beneficiary. If by habit customers will indicate Lattelecom, there is no reason to worry, we will receive the payment.

From April 1, Lattelecom-free, Lattelecom_plus and Lattelecom-skola Wi-Fi networks will become Tet-free, Tet plus and Tet-skola.

The transition of home page lattelecom.lv to tet.lv will take place gradually. In a new quality, visitors will see it very soon.

Self-service portal My Lattelecom will gradually become My Tet.

In April, we will gradually continue to transform our stores, offices, cars and the visual transformation of many other materials throughout Latvia.

If by habit also in the near future you will be looking for us as Lattelecom, you will be directed to the new address – Tet automatically.

Additional information about brand change

Company Tet, according to following three-year business strategy will develop its operations in three service groups: House, Work and Data.The company's two core business lines will be represented by two brands: the technology and corporate brand Tet and the entertainment brand Helio.

Lat - formerly known as Lattelecom as the leading telecommunications company in Latvia, but now we are successfully providing services also outside Latvia.

–telecom – indicated that the company's basic business service is telecommunication and internet services, but we are now out of the telecom sector and non-telecom services represent the bulk of the company's operations.

Why is Lattelecom changing its name? Why right now?

Brand and name change is the next step in the development of the company - at the beginning of last year we already announced that we have become a technology and entertainment company. The company's growth in recent years has been rapid and business trends have expanded, so the current name no longer reflects and does not cover the company's current business.
We have been working outside Latvia for a long time, successfully exporting our services in the Baltic States, Northern and Eastern Europe, as well as our range of services is far more than the traditional telecommunications industry - we are a technology and entertainment company, create our content, provide electricity and smart home services, develop solutions for digital transformation of companies - cloud services, IT security and integrated technology solutions. It is essential that the brand meets our present and future ambitions, is easy to understand and opens up opportunities for a variety of future ideas.

When will the company brand be changed?

We will become Tet on April 1, 2019.

Why is Tet the new name? What does the new brand mean, what is its message?

Tet is not a new name, and it doesn't have a single meaning. It is already known to our customers and other Latvian residents as a provider of electricity and smart home services. Originally, Tet originated with the letter "e" symbolizing electricity between the recognizable Lattelecom's two "t" letters. Tet is a success story for both customers and ourselves because we proved that we can start and successfully compete well outside the telecommunication industry.

But now we look at Tet as a new beginning - a simple word that must be filled with new meaning and company values. The new word is just the tip of the iceberg, behind which is the change of the whole business, thinking, culture and communication. The new brand Tet includes the simplicity and openness we strive for and wish to deliver to all existing and new customers.

The name Tet has already established a great recognition and is synonymous with convenient and modern services in the eyes of many customers. Public opinion surveys also show that this brand and name are viewed as simple, understandable and accessible. These qualities coincide with the company's business development. We realized that it is not worth starting from scratch by investing time and resources in creating and implementing a new name. Instead, we chose to pick up a well-established brand at the next level.

Does brand change also mean changing values? What do the new Tet values mean, why are they chosen?

Existing values are self-evident in business - in every one of us, there will always be respect and trust towards customers, partners and each other. For the future, we have defined that the most important characteristics of our goals to fulfil will be courage, openness and persistence.  It is closely related to the company's business development strategy - we are the ones who turn ideas into everyday services, and it needs these three qualities every day. Being a leader means being brave to do things we haven't done so far. We will demonstrate openness by involving our clients in the development and improvement of services. Persistence is our value for a long time - we will keep it in the future, always striving to provide our customers with the best quality services.

What will happen to the Lattelecom brand?

The Lattelecom brand takes a very important place in the history of the Latvian technology environment. We are proud of the company's success so far, both  introducing the society  with optical internet, interactive television and virtual video rental and expanding the widest free WiFi network in Riga and Latvia, creating internationally attractive data centres and offering many other solutions. Existing success will remain a historic heritage that will remind of important events and achievements for a long time and will serve as the basis for ever-new peaks.

Are Tet and Helio now two different companies?

No, SIA Lattelecom will become SIA Tet with two main brands - the technology brand Tet and the entertainment brand Helio.

How will the services between Tet and Helio be further divided?

Internet, technology and smart solutions, e.g. smart house, Tet electricity, cloud services, Data centres, CLAARA are under the Tet brand. In turn, entertainment services - Helio iTV, Helio VTV, Shortcut, e-sports, etc. is at the Helio brand.

Do brands Tet and Helio have different managers?

Tet as a technology brand and Helio as an entertainment brand will exist in one company - now it is SIA Lattelecom. On April 1, the name of the company will be changed to SIA Tet, and it will retain its current management.

What are the benefits of the new brand - Tet?

The new brand Tet includes the simplicity and openness we strive for and wish to deliver to all existing and new customers. But the new name is just the tip of the iceberg, behind which is the change of the whole business, thinking, culture and communication.  At the moment we are already engaging our clients in the development and improvement of our services (test channels Helio iTV, development and improvement of Helio iTV, chatbot Anete training, development of Tet energy application and new tet.lv website involving users). We make the communication of the company more open and we will continue it in the future.  In our Metropole office, there are regular activities in various fields of interest to everyone, from start-up to influencer's meetup. We regularly share the experience of design thinking with state institutions and companies of various industries. In Metropole every week a Tet marathon runner training takes place. Every Tuesday, our office lobby turns into the Hattrick programme studio and every year in May – a hockey home for world championship commentators and studio leaders.